acutally i’m not so sure what i am doing recently… lots jobs, lots assignments, little motivation.
maybe as i will come home soon, maybe the night shift harass my biological clock,
too much pressure? not exactly… just…feeling unstable…looks like i’m not on the right track
I dont wanna upgrade it to psychology issue, it makes a fuss~ so the better way is trying to pull myself together= =,
think nothing and have a deep sleep.then wake up, do the work which i need do, thats all.
something like a machine. the machine will not overdrive thinking but human will.
making a plan, follow the instructions, let the things be easier
hehe….keep all mental staff until the end of the semester
yes, i miss my sweety, my friends and my parents so much. it have been almost a year i dont have chance to
see them, look face to face, chating or travel around together…
today i bought the ticket~ Singapore Airline, departing on Nov. 20th from Brisbane International Airport
landing to Shanghai on next day. I will treasure the following 3 months in China. I think I owe them too much.
tomorrow, web service project team meeting~ also 7-11 part time job. should be another bloody busy day
dont complain… thats the life…not always good, not always bad.


  1. ah, ur conclusion may inappropriate, as according to the context, u should say "I am complaining and Life is shit", huh.^_^

  2. at least you got a ticket to go back and you can spend 3 months at home, i wish i can do that too.

  3.  u can handle everything well
    and,i am curious that the tickets could have been bought so early…


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